CDC Distributes Funds To Help At-Risk Groups

By Staff Writer

Individuals who are in high-risk groups for drug addiction – like young gay men and homeless individuals – may have a difficult time finding a treatment center that fits their needs and can help them begin their recovery.

In an effort to help individuals in these demographics find the help they need to end their addictions, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently distributed grants to local health departments. The funding will allow health officials reach out to these groups and assist them in their recovery.

Two treatment groups in the Northeast were given nearly $3 million from the program, according to the Albany Times Union. Officials said the funding would allow them to expand programs that are aimed at helping these high-risk individuals.

Both groups told the news source that they plan on hiring new personnel in order to ramp up their efforts to get people off the streets and into addiction treatment centers.

Figures from the National Mental Health Information Center indicate that 26 percent of homeless individuals struggle with drug addiction, and that this is a contributing factor to their inability to find work.