New Camel Tobacco Ads Trigger Outrage

Nearly 87 percent of lung cancer deaths have been traced back to cigarettes, according to Smoking Statistics, a resource site. Rehabilitation facilities can help individuals with an addiction to nicotine, but tobacco companies are becoming more aggressive in marketing toward their target audiences.

Recently, Camel decided to begin advertising cigarettes that include graphics referencing Williamsburg, New York, according to NY-1 News. The goal is to market the product as a “hip” Brooklyn thing to do, but local residents are outraged. Not only do experts fear that this will draw in more smokers, but it could also make it difficult for current cigarette users to quit.

New York officials are attempting to rally against the company, claiming they do not want the state associated with the cigarettes, according to WABC-TV. School boards are specifically worried about the advertisements reinforcing smoking as a recreational activity among teenagers.

A recent survey by the Cancer Council found that anti-smoking ads have saved approximately 60,000 lives, according to Info Research Lab, a statistics website. However, aggressive marketing from cigarette companies may eventually cancel out the impact. Rehabilitation facilities can help individuals quit their addiction to nicotine.