Bath Salts Provide Legal High But Also Risk

By Staff Writer

Chemically altered bath salts are growing in popularity among individuals who are looking for a legal way to become intoxicated. While they are sold as an ingredient to add to baths for a relaxing experience, reports have indicated that some people are snorting them to get high.

Manufacturers add engineered molecules that are similar to controlled substances but are still legal. Some bath salts contain chemicals that are similar to amphetamines. These products can deliver powerful highs, but experts say that many users are ending up in hospital emergency rooms after abusing them.

Dr. Greg Jones, a doctor at a Georgia-based hospital, said that he has seen many patients who have abused chemically altered bath salts experience paranoia, agitation, hallucinations, chest pain, hypertension and headaches.

He said that the products pose a particular problem to youths, who have little experience with drugs and may believe that the salts are safe due to the fact that they are sold legally, rather than on the street by a drug dealer.

These salts may also pose a risk for addiction. Users who are unable to control their consumption may benefit from substance abuse help to eliminate the dangerous habit.