Amid Calls For Budget Cuts Florida Governor Remains Firm On Drug Rehab Funding

By Staff Writer

While lawmakers in many states across the country are considering cutting drug rehab services as part of efforts to fix bloated budgets, others have said that these programs are untouchable and have vowed to preserve funding.

Such is the case in Florida, where Republican governor Rick Scott recently proposed a budget for the upcoming fiscal year that cuts many departments to the bone, but saves addiction treatment services, according to the Daytona Beach News Journal.

The news source reports that other state representatives in the governor’s own party proposed cutting drug rehab programs by as much as 20 percent. However, Scott’s proposal likely takes into consideration the benefit that the programs provide.

Many law enforcement officials have pointed out that it is less expensive to pay for a drug addict to go to rehab than it is to incarcerate them.

While states including Ohio, Maine and Nevada have all proposed cutting addiction treatment budgets, Florida joins a growing list of states that are trying to fight this trend.