Addictions Often Worsen During The Holidays

By Staff Writer

During the holidays, stress and festivities may lead individuals struggling with addiction to increase their drug or alcohol use. Experts say that family members should watch for the signs of worsening addiction problems and be prepared to discuss sending their loved ones to rehab facilities.

A Minnesota-based rehab expert recently said that, during the holidays, families often feel that they should be together, regardless of the circumstances. For this reason, they often ignore signs that there are problems that need to be addressed.

This leads to a reluctance to send loved ones to rehab facilities. However, the holiday season is one time of year in which addictions often worsen. The pressure to spend time with family can lead to destructive coping behaviors. Additionally, holiday gatherings often involve alcohol, which may spur further use.

Experts say that families should not hesitate to send a loved one to a rehab facility just because it is the holiday season. Excuses like these may only serve to enable drug users, which feeds their addiction and makes recovery unlikely.