Addiction Can Affect Everyone

By Staff Writer

Despite the fact that addiction can strike almost anyone, necessitating treatment at rehab facilities, there is still a stigma attached to it that exists in many parts of society. Those who are struggling with addiction often report that these negative views can make it difficult to get the help they need.

In an effort to show that drug and alcohol dependency is a common problem that can affect many different people, a group of organizers in the Northeast recently held a rally to support recovering addicts and reverse some of the stereotypes about addiction, according to the Providence Journal.

“We need to show that it’s normal people that are struggling with this,” Carrie Blake, a recovering addict who was at the event, told the news source. “The more that we put an accurate face on addiction and show that recovery is real and sustainable, the more it gives people going through it hope and helps others understand us better.”

The ideas that drug addiction is a voluntary behavior and that it is a character flaw are two of the most common misconceptions about the problem, and can often interfere with an individual’s desire to enter drug rehabilitation, according to the Partnership for a Drug-Free America.