Without Appropriate Treatment, Co-Occurring Conditions Can Destroy Lives

By Staff Writer

Co-occurring mental disorders and drug addictions often require specialized treatment from rehab facilities to overcome. However, many people who struggle with these conditions rarely receive proper treatment.

As much as three percent of the U.S. population has co-occurring addictions and mental disorders, according to the American Psychiatric Association. These individuals make up an even higher percentage of the population in rehab. Some rehab facilities have reported that as many as 75 % of their patients have a dual diagnosis.

Experts say that the majority of drug addicts have some type of mental disorder. When these individuals do not receive treatment for either condition, addiction, and mental illness begin to feed off of each other, and both grow progressively worse.

Additionally, rehabilitation experts say that if the affected individual does not receive specialized treatment that addresses both conditions, he or she is likely to relapse after they have been discharged. Without looking at all aspects of a patient’s health, it can be much more difficult to treat them.