Treating Depression Among Mothers Has Positive Effect on Children

By Staff Writer

Mothers who seek treatment for depression from mental health and rehab programs may also be helping their children improve their own behavior. A new study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry found that maternal depression treatment can have long-term benefits for children.

After studying 824 women, the researchers found that the offspring of those who suffered from depression experienced their own depressive symptoms and impaired social function. However, when women sought treatment, these symptoms went away in the young people as well. Additionally, the faster a mother’s depression went into remission, the faster the behavior of her children improved.

The researchers said that their findings are significant because there are a few conditions that, when treated, result in a positive impact on those around the patient. The team recommended “aggressive” treatment for any mother who appears to be suffering from depression.

Additionally, they stressed that time is a key factor. The sooner a woman seeks rehab treatment for help overcoming depression, the sooner she will be able to return to her parental duties, which appears to have a strong impact on the mental health of her offspring.