New Technology Improves Rehab Center Depression Treatment

Depressive disorders affect more than 18 million Americans ever year, according to the Uplift Program, a statistics site. Rehabilitation facilities may be able to help individuals cope with the condition, and electronic records are helping doctors hone in on more effective treatment methods as well.

Don Mordecai, the director of Mental Health Services for Kaiser Permanente of Northern California, says that electronic methods have been helpful in tracking the progression of depressive disorders in patients. Doctors can now keep an eye on how depression screenings and treatment affect individuals, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Mordecai told the news source that tracking depressive conditions through thousands of paper records is nearly impossible. Electronic records are especially helpful in giving doctors insight into whether they should change medication dosage instructions, which can be crucial when treating patients with antidepressants. More primary care providers are also leaning toward keeping track of patient information electronically to identify mental illnesses quickly and prevent further complications.

Depression will be the second-largest killer of people by 2020, according to the Uplift Program. Diagnosing the condition early may be crucial to providing individuals with the necessary treatment from rehabilitation facilities.