Stress and Depression May Lead to Compulsive Overeating Around The Holidays

By Staff Writer

With the holiday season approaching, many individuals are getting ready to spend some quality time with their families. However, for others, this time of year represents stress, which may lead to compulsive eating disorders that force people into rehab facilities.

Individuals who don’t seek help for these problems may find that they put on unhealthy amounts of weight around the holidays. A psychotherapist from the Southwest recently said that many people deal with disappointment, stress and loneliness around Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. This can drive them to overeat to compulsively overeat.

She added that the compulsion can be so strong at times that even the feeling of fullness does not stop some people from eating. This is when serious health problems can occur and the individual may want to consider seeking help from a rehab facility.

Recent research from the National Institutes of Health found that Americans gain an average of one pound during the holidays. While this number may be small, the research indicated that individuals tend not to lose this pound after the season is over. The extra weight accumulates throughout the years, resulting in serious health problems. The issue may be far worse for compulsive overeaters.