Social Activities May Help Seniors Avoid Depression

By Staff Writer

Depression is all too common for seniors. They may become secluded in their old age as they lose touch with people in their lives. However, rehab facility programs that include social activities may be a way for these individuals to recover from the condition.

Due in part to the aging U.S. population, depression is becoming an exceedingly prevalent diagnosis. It is currently the leading mental disorder among elderly individuals. When it goes untreated for long periods of time, it can be extremely difficult to recover from.

However, a team of researchers from the Nordic School of Public Health in Sweden found that programs for seniors that include social activities significantly reduce depressive symptoms.

The analysis looked at the effects of several different types of programs, including exercise groups, support groups, reminiscence therapy, and interventions. Socialization was the only approach that showed positive results.

Researchers said that the social needs of seniors should be kept in mind when planning for their care. Rehab facilities may help seniors who have developed depression reconnect with the world.