Woman Attempts To Raise Awareness Of PTSD In Veterans

Many individuals who return home from war have endured trauma after engaging in combat. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is commonly diagnosed in veterans, but some fail to seek treatment before the symptoms begin to negatively impact their lives.

Jonelle Ellis has seen how PTSD can take over a person’s life, according to the Weekly Alibi. Her brother, Kenneth, was killed approximately one year ago at the age of 25. The Iraq veteran had been shot by police after putting a gun to his own head in front of a convenience store. Ellis told the news source her brother had exhibited symptoms of PTSD many times before his death.

Reoccurring nightmares and impaired judgment are common in individuals with PTSD. According to Ellis, her brother had struggled with violent dreams, along with finding a balance between reality and his trauma.

Ellis is now proposing the Kenneth Ellis III Act, a local bill that would further the education of police on how to deal with crisis situations. The Veterans Affairs nurse says she is not fighting authorities, but rather encouraging them to expand upon their training.

More than 7 million Americans suffer from PTSD every year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Therapy may be able to help patients manage the condition over time.