Commonalities Discovered In PTSD Patients

More than 7 million Americans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) every year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Rehabilitation facilities can help individuals suffering from the disorder, but there has been a lack of research on PTSD and how to treat the condition.

Recently, five federal agencies created work groups to provide further insight into PTSD. The goal was to determine common factors found in individuals with traumatic brain injuries. Danny Kaloupek, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience at Boston University School of Medicine, headed the work group dedicated to researching PTSD. Together, the members determined that the sub-category of individuals who have seen combat has a significantly higher rate of developing the condition.

Military officials endure elevated levels of emotional turmoil while on duty. This often results in PTSD, which can alter an individual’s brain functions. The work group determined that PTSD was more prevalent in women than men, and children who have suffered abuse are also at a higher risk of developing the illness.

More than 200,000 veterans received disability compensation for PTSD in 2005, according to Medicine Net, a statistics website. Rehabilitation facilities can provide sufferers with the resources to manage the condition.