Single Mom Shares Experience With Bipolar Disorder

Individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder may seem to live a normal life to everyone on the outside, but on the inside, they struggle every day with the debilitating mental illness. An undiagnosed disorder may provoke an individual to turn to substance abuse to cope with the symptoms. Rehabilitation facilities can help addicts detoxify and receive proper care for their illness.

Theresa Duggans is just one example of an individual with bipolar disorder who had to hit rock bottom before getting help. The single mom first turned to drugs after suffering from sexual abuse at a young age, according to The Province. Duggans was in and out of psychiatric hospitals in search of help, but she was unaware that her real problem was bipolar disorder.

“Not only do you think it’s your fault, you think you can do something about it behaviourally when you can’t,” Duggans told the news source. “It’s a chemical imbalance.”

Duggans, who now has a grasp on her illness, speaks to others about seeking help at rehabilitation facilities. She also advocates for therapy and believes others still have time to turn their lives around. Bipolar disorder affects 5.7 million Americans, according to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.