Parents Should Seek Psychiatric Help for Their Children Following Trauma

By Staff Writer

When a child suffers from trauma, their parents may be confused about how best to help them. Rather than waiting for the situation to worsen, leading to complications which may include post traumatic stress disorder and drug addiction, experts warn that parents should seek immediate help for their children.

A psychiatrist from Emory University recent wrote on the website of CNN that teenagers who are nearing their 18th birthday are particularly at risk. Due to the fact that they are almost adults, parents may be inclined to let their children make their own decisions.

However, he warned that young people may not be thinking completely clearly immediately following a traumatic event. They may think that they are handling the situation well, but are actually at risk for further complications down the road.

The experts wrote that parents should force their teens to seek mental health counseling if they begin to show signs of depression or complications.

Abuse and neglect are the most common causes of PTSD in children, but accidents, violent crimes and other traumatic events can cause the condition as well, according to the National Center for PTSD.