Parents & School Administrators Are Advised To Watch For Signs Of Depression In Youth

Many individuals are susceptible to developing depression under stress, and college students are especially vulnerable to faltering under anxiety. Experts say that many universities fail to recognize how susceptible students are to developing depression under social and academic stress. There are a few signs that both parents and school administrators can look for to determine whether a young adult is suffering from depressive symptoms, according to FOX News.

Decreased concentration is a common sign that is often overlooked. When an individual’s mind is racing due to stress and anxiety, they may have trouble focusing on their daily obligations. A lack of interest in hobbies is another sign that a young adult may be struggling with depression.

Alcohol or illicit substance abuse is one way that an individual may attempt to cope with the condition. Increased drinking or drug use might be a cry for help, and if the depression is not addressed quickly, a young adult may become dependent on a substance over time.

Major depressive disorder affects more than 14 million adults in the U.S. every year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Drug rehab programs can help patients detoxify, but therapy and medication may be necessary to help them manage the depression.