New Tool Helps Identify Trauma Sufferers

By Staff Writer

A new web-based tool developed by researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine may help diagnose post traumatic stress disorder among individuals who have experienced trauma.

Early intervention is key in helping individuals avoid PTSD. However, due to the fact that not everyone who goes through a traumatic experience develops the condition, it can be difficult to identify those who would benefit from treatment.

The web survey asks respondents about whether or not they have experienced trauma or head injuries. It also gauges if this is causes disturbances in their sleep, memory or ability to perform day-to-day tasks.

The researchers said that their system could help identify soldiers returning home who may be at risk for developing psychological, emotional and physical disorders after their service is over. Due to the high number of soldiers who are being discharged after undergoing potentially damaging experiences, identifying those who are risk is of the utmost importance.

Recognizing the risk factors can help individuals seek treatment earlier, which may increase their chances of positive outcomes.