New Report Warns Parents and Pediatricians of Dangers of Adolescent Social Media Use

By Staff Writer

Children who constantly use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter may benefit from being treated at drug rehab and mental health facilities, as experts increasingly warn that over-reliance on social media may lead to depression in young people.

A report published in a recent issue of the journal Pediatrics stated that doctors who treat children should ask their patients about their use of social media. This may help them identify individuals who use the technology too frequently and are at risk for developing complications.

The report states that not all social media sites offer positive experiences for children. This may cause harm to their still-developing brains. Similarly to the way parents would supervise the TV shows their children view, the authors say that adults need to get more involved in making sure that their offspring are visiting positive websites.

Even widely accepted sites like Facebook can be harmful. The journal article highlights some of the ways that the site can open children up to the dangers of cyberbullying, which has been shown to increase the risk of depression.