Nearly All Depressed Teens Recover, Though Many Relapse

By Staff Writer

The findings of a new study suggest that rehabilitation facilities may be effective at helping adolescents with depression overcome their symptoms. However, teens and their parents may need to stay mindful of the possibility of a relapse.

A team of researchers from Duke University found that 96 percent of teens who received treatment were able to recover. However, some problems reoccurred in many teens, as nearly half experienced a relapse within five years of recovery.

Additionally, females were at particularly high risk of relapsing, which researchers said should be the focus of future studies.

“We need to learn why females in this age range have higher chances of descending into another major depression after they have made a recovery,” said John Curry, who led the study. “Further research needs to be done to confirm our findings and to sort out the variables that may be associated with recurrent major depression in young women.”

However, he added that the high initial recovery rates should be encouraging for adolescents who are struggling with depression, and their families.