Mother Raises Awareness Of Bipolar Disorder

Nearly 5.7 million Americans suffer from bipolar disorder, according to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. When a mental illness is untreated, it may result in suicidal thoughts and substance abuse. Rehabilitation facilities can provide individuals with the resources they need to manage their illness, but not everyone receives care in time.

Brandon Kessel, 23, is just one example of an individual who suffered from bipolar disorder, but showed atypical symptoms. According to his mother, Meryl, he wanted to fly and told the kids at school that he believed he was Jesus, KENS-5 reports.

“I know [with] bipolar you were supposed to be manic then depressed, [but] I never saw depression,” Kessel told the news source. “It was always manic. You know manic when you see it.”

Kessel’s son didn’t start to show signs of illness until he was 21 years old. He eventually began to resort to drugs, but his mother is unsure of whether it is related to the mental illness.

For many individuals suffering from bipolar disorder, however, substance abuse is common. Drug treatment centers can help those with mental illnesses who have become dependent on substances.