More Treatment Options Are Necessary For Adults With Mental Illness

By Staff Writer

Parents of children who have emotional and personality disorders may want to consider staying involved in their child’s treatment well into adulthood, and help them find the right kind of therapy from treatment centers when necessary. A recent study found that young people with these problems rarely make the transition to adult mental health services.

Researchers from the University of Warwick in the UK found that fewer than 58 percent of individuals who participated in pediatric mental health services make the transition to adult services.

This can have serious consequences for individuals with persistent mental health problems. Researchers said that patients who had emotional and personality disorders were the least likely to take advantage of adult services. They added that people who have these conditions are significantly more likely to engage in risky behavior that may include substance abuse.

Additionally, new mental disorders are more likely to emerge during early adulthood. In the absence of adequate treatment options, the risk of new conditions combined with preexisting conditions and addictions may be overwhelming. Researchers said that more coherent programs are necessary to ensure that a greater number of individuals are successfully transitioning from pediatric to adult mental health services.