More College Students Exhibit Signs Of Anxiety

More than 40 million Americans aged 18 or older suffer from an anxiety disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). When under stress, many people may turn to drugs to handle the pressure. Substance abuse treatment centers can help individuals who want to quit their drug habits and manage their anxiety, but many people are hesitant to seek treatment.

Approximately 7 percent of adults who have anxiety are college students, according to the National Mental Health Association. However, only 19 million adults of these young adults reach out for help, The Fauman News reports. The pressures of classes, friends and living away from home are all contributing factors to students developing the disorder.

Yolanda Bogan, a counselor at Florida A&M, says that many students tend to arrive on campus stress-free, but she sees a change toward the end of the semester. Once the stress has a chance to culminate, many students begin to exhibit signs of anxiety.

Anxiety disorders frequently contribute to substance abuse, according to the NIMH. Rehabilitation facilities and counseling can help individuals learn how to manage their anxiety. Experts say that the best way to cope with daily stress is to not allow worrisome situations to linger.