More Children Suffer Recession-Related Mental Disorders

By Staff Writer

As the economic recession continues to drag on with few signs of improvement in the job market, drug rehab and mental health centers across the country are seeing an influx of patients who are suffering from recession-related depression.

One center in Florida recently reported that the problem is not only affecting adults who are struggling to find work. According to the Fort Meyers News-Press, children are also showing signs of depression due to the weak economy and their parents’ inability to find a job.

Experts told the news source that children who are affected by the recession often show signs of co-occurring conditions. A patient may come in for depression issues but later be diagnosed with anxiety, anger, adjustment or substance abuse disorders. Their drug rehab and mental health center has seen a 36 percent increase in the number of adolescent patients since 2009.

It is a relatively well established fact that economic hardship can affect the mental health of adolescents. A 2004 study published in the journal Developmental Psychology found that a reduction in disposable income can have a major impact on young people, and can contribute to a range of mental disorders.