Meditation May Help Depression Patients Improve Their Condition

By Staff Writer

In addition to seeking treatment from a drug rehab and mental health facility, individuals who struggle with depression may benefit from practicing meditation on a regular basis. Evidence suggests that this may help curb the symptoms of the condition, enabling sufferers to live more normal lives.

A recent study from a group of Canadian researchers showed that mindfulness meditation, in which participants focus their attention and clear their thoughts, helped 53 percent of participants achieve total remission from depression after a period of eight months, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Over the long-term, about the same number of individuals who practiced meditation remained depression free as a group assigned to take antidepressants.

Still, experts told the news source that if a person is experiencing a complete relapse, they should seek professional help. Meditation is the most effective as a way to maintain healthy moods and may be less effective in those who already struggle with severe depression.

Many experts, including doctors from the Mayo Clinic, recommend regular meditation for individuals who struggle with depression.