Chicago Band Raises Awareness Of Teen Suicide

Teen suicides and bullying have recently gained national attention, prompting many individuals to take preventative measures to reach out to those in need. A number of the people who are lending a helping hand to those who are depressed are adolescents.

Recently, a local Chicago area band decided to raise awareness of bullying after a fellow student, Iain Steele, committed suicide. Steele had been depressed as a result of bullying leading up to the tragedy, according to TribLocal, a branch of the Chicago Tribune.

The band, Ten and Counting, created a song in memory of Steele in an effort to encourage other teens to reach out to those who may be suffering from the abuse from their peers or depression. The goal was to have individuals stop asking themselves what they could have done to prevent the action and start thinking about preventative measures they can take today.

More than 15 percent of individuals who do not seek help for depression will commit suicide, according to the 2003 National Healthcare Quality Report. Rehabilitation facilities and counseling may be able to help teens who are suffering from depression.