Psychotherapy: An Underutilized Effective Treatment For Depression

More than 18 million Americans have a depressive disorder, according to the Uplift Program, a depression statistics site. Rehabilitation facilities can help individuals who are suffering from a depressive condition, but many people fail to seek treatment.

Experts say that even individuals who receive a diagnosis may not be getting the care they need, according to MSNBC. New research shows that patients with depressive disorders frequently receive treatment in the form of psychotherapy and antidepressants. However, more individuals are being prescribed pills to cope with the condition, as opposed to consistently attending therapy.

Researchers say that not only does this make patients more prone to develop a dependency on antidepressants, it may hinder the recovery process as well. Psychotherapy has proven to be a more effective method in treating depressive disorders in the past. However, the rate of patients receiving therapy as a main form of treatment dropped from 53 percent in 1987 to 43 percent in 2007.

Approximately 15 percent of individuals who live in the world’s most developed countries suffer from severe depression, according to the Uplift Program. Rehabilitation facilities may be able to provide patients with the therapy they need to cope with their depressive disorder.