Kids With PTSD Have Trouble Bonding

Veterans often come to mind when people think of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a psychological condition that impairs decision-making and can result in violent mood swings. However, children who have endured trauma are susceptible to developing PTSD as well.

Kids who go through abuse and later find happy homes with adoptive parents typically struggle to adjust as a result of PTSD, according to KCAU-TV. Many parents fail to recognize trigger objects that can spark an emotional flashback in children suffering from the condition. Although therapy can help, there is no cure for PTSD.

Creative learning centers, such as the one in Rock Valley, Iowa, are providing families with new places to bond and become further acquainted. These facilities give parents unique opportunities to learn more about their adopted children, including their comfort levels. This can strengthen the bond within a family and help kids enter the healing process.

More than 7 million Americans in the U.S. suffer from PTSD every year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. However, many of the people who suffer trauma are also children. Therapy can help individuals recover over time.