Coping With Bipolar Disorder: Getting Help

Many individuals struggle with bipolar disorder, a debilitating mental illness that leaves sufferers feeling depressed and emotionally high-strung. However, the stigma attached to the condition often makes people reluctant to address the condition and seek treatment. One woman with bipolar disorder hopes to provide individuals with the motivation they need to reach out for help in the future.

Gabrielle Blackman-Sheppard recently released a book titled Bipolar Girl, a nonfiction novel on her experiences with the condition. Blackman-Sheppard and her husband both suffer from bipolar disorder, but have found happiness through medication and counseling over time. In the book, she explains the hurdles she was forced to overcome in order to find satisfaction.

Blackman-Sheppard encourages readers to step back and re-evaluate their own lives and their ideas of mental illnesses.

“Anyone with bipolar disorder is likely to be very frightened and lonely,” she said. “The book is designed to be a companion – a friend to reassure them and provide hope, and to make them smile too.”

More than 5 million Americans suffer from bipolar disorder every year. Rehabilitation facilities can provide individuals with the resources they need to cope with the condition.