Ouida Family’s Foundation Helps Children With Anxiety Disorders

Many individuals suffer from an anxiety disorder, but are unaware that they have a serious condition. Others fear seeking treatment due to the stigma attached to the illness. Herb and Andrea Ouida have made it their goal to reach out to these people and offer them a chance at a better life.

The Ouidas’ son, Todd, has been suffering from a severe anxiety disorder since childhood, according to the Wall Street Journal. He was unable to attend school for more than three years because of his condition, motivating the Ouidas to help other children with similar conditions.

The Todd Ouida’s Children Foundation was founded in 2001. Their son perished in the September 11 terrorist attacks at the age of 25. Since the establishment of the group, the Ouidas have raised approximately $1 million for the fight against childhood anxiety disorders. They specifically provide help to individuals who have been affected by traumatic events as well, including the September 11 attacks.

More than 40 million Americans aged 18 or older suffer from an anxiety disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Rehabilitation facilities and nonprofit groups, such as the Ouidas’ foundation, can help diagnose the problem early and provide treatment.