Follow-Up Treatment May Benefit Depressed Patients

By Staff Writer

Primary care physicians may be unlikely to recommend that their depressed individuals seek treatment from a rehab facility. A recent study found that they spend too little time with their patients and have too many other responsibilities to be able to make diagnoses of mental health problems.

Providing diagnoses and treatment for these individuals has proven to be a major problem for healthcare providers. However, the results of the study indicate that there may be a way doctors can better serve depressed patients.

The University of Michigan researchers found that providing patients who are suspected of having depression with self-monitoring tools and giving them quick follow-up phone calls on a regular basis significantly reduces depression symptoms and helps individuals have fewer unproductive days.

Researchers said that providing those who seek medical advice with an engaging therapy option is the key to the process. When they feel like they are a part of their treatment, patients are more likely to actively engage in working to improve their condition.

The report states that the treatment strategy may also benefit individuals who suffer from other mental disorders.