Finding an Outlet for Stress Is Important for Avoiding Depression

By Staff Writer

Stress is one of the most common precursors to depression. Individuals who suffer from high levels of distress often end up with mood disorders. This can also lead them into substance abuse, for which they may need drug rehab. However, it may be possible to eliminate stress before it gets to this point.

A team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University recently tested the effects of yoga on the ability of inner-city Baltimore children to handle stress. According to the Baltimore Sun, the researchers said that individuals who live in urban areas often experience high levels of stress, and that this can have many negative effects.

For the study, 97 fourth and fifth grade students were enrolled into a 12-week yoga and meditation course. By the end of the study, the researchers found that participants were better able to concentrate in class and spent less time brooding or ruminating on negative thoughts, which often presages the development of depression.

A psychiatrist from the Mayo Clinic said that stress is a normal part of life, but how individuals handle it is what’s important. If stress is allowed to build unchecked it can cause depression.