Expert Recommends Lifestyle Changes for People With Depression

By Staff Writer

With mental health and drug rehab facilities treating more patients for depression than ever, experts are increasingly looking for the root cause of the condition. While some researchers search for biological issues that increase an individual’s risk, others say that lifestyle factors are a more likely cause.

For example, a mental health worker from Massachusetts recently blamed the fast-paced lifestyles of most Americans for the high prevalence of depression, according to the Connecticut Post. While he recognized that some people are more susceptible to the condition because of genetic factors, he said that far fewer would suffer from depression if they would simply slow down.

In particular, he told the news source that people should spend more time getting adequate amounts of rest and improve their diets. These two things may make a dramatic difference in their mental health.

Nearly 15 million U.S. adults suffer from major depressive disorder each year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. The condition is far more common among women.