Depression Worsens Joint Pain Among Seniors

By Staff Writer

Depression can cause a number of physical symptoms if left untreated. Now a new study has shown that it can make the pain associated with arthritis worse, underscoring the need for seeking treatment from a drug rehab and mental health facility.

Researchers reported in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery that depression patients complain of more pain from arthritis even when x-ray images taken from the affected joints showed relatively little deterioration, according to HealthDay News.

The findings could explain why some patients experience higher levels of pain following surgery even when physicians believe that they have addressed the problem, the news source reports. It could also give doctors a valuable tool for identifying patients who are the most likely to experience complications after a procedure to treat arthritis-related pain.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic illnesses are among the leading causes of depression. Additionally, 80 percent of seniors suffer from at least one chronic disease. This makes depression far more common among older individuals in the U.S.