Depression & Anxiety Rates In Hospitalized Patients

Many terminally-ill patients struggle with depression, but researchers recently discovered that individuals with cancer are not as depressed and anxious as previously thought.

A team examined 94 studies that looked at approximately 14,000 cancer patients, according to HealthDay News. More than one-sixth of the individuals suffered from depression, which is less than experts originally assumed. Modest depressive symptoms were exhibited within the first five years of a diagnosis.

Cancer patients who suffered from mood disorders were more likely to show signs of depression, according to researchers. Approximately 30 percent of hospitalized patients suffered from depressive symptoms if they also had another mood condition.

The study was published in the January 19 issue of The Lancet Oncology journal. Experts also noted that the depression and anxiety rates between terminally-ill patients and individuals receiving treatment were not significantly different. Age and sex were also ruled out as factors pertaining to symptoms of depression.

Approximately 20 million Americans age 18 or older suffer from mood disorders every year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Rehabilitation facilities and therapy can help individuals manage their depression over time. By seeking help, patients may be able to cope better with their terminal illness.