Depression Linked To Technology Use

More than 18 million Americans suffer from a depressive disorder, according to the Uplift Program, a statistics website. Rehabilitation facilities and therapy can help individuals who have depression, but nearly 80 percent do not seek treatment.

New research suggests that technology may be working against people who are susceptible to depression as well. A study conducted by students at Ohio State University found that exposure to dim light in dark conditions can put individuals at risk for developing a depressive disorder, according to Discovery. This includes using a computer or watching television without help from a lamp.

Cases of major depression have grown over the past few years, but researchers have been unable to determine a cause. Experts now say that it may be linked to light disturbances. Because people are now subjected to more artificial light than 100 years ago, a possible link may exist between dim lighting and depression.

Nearly 15 percent of individuals who do not seek treatment for depression commit suicide, according to the Uplift Program. Rehabilitation facilities can help people suffering from a depressive disorder by teaching them healthier ways to cope with the illness.