Co-occurring Conditions Can Complicate Treatment Process

By Staff Writer

Many people who suffer from depression also deal with drug or alcohol addiction. The combination of these conditions can complicate the treatment process, making it more difficult for patients to establish effective relapse prevention efforts.

Drug rehab specialists say that it is essential for individuals who have this type of co-occurring condition to seek treatment that addresses both issues. One problem likely feeds the other, and until they are both solved, neither can truly be said to be cured. Individuals are likely to fall back into old habits.

Depression is frequently the first of the two conditions to appear. People who struggle with the mood disorder often decide to “self-medicate” rather than seeking professional help. This puts them at an increased risk of developing debilitating chemical dependencies. Alcoholism is the most common addiction among these individuals, but other types of drug use are also common.

Many drug rehab facilities specialize in treating co-occurring conditions. They provide psychological counseling while helping individuals detoxify. This may significantly improve a person’s chances of overcoming depression and beating their addiction.