Wisconsin Group Considers High School for Addicted Youth

A steering committee has been formed in Madison, Wis., to explore the establishment of a private, alternative high school for students who are in recovery from addiction or are committed to sobriety, the Wisconsin State Journal reported June 7.

A similar high school, called Project Change, currently exists in Waukesha. Robert Frank, who was using marijuana and cocaine with his high-school friends before entering treatment, said Project Change allowed him to graduate from school.

“It changed my life,” said Frank, 18. “I know I wouldn’t be doing this good without this school.”

Michelle Marking, alcohol and other drug abuse coordinator at Madison’s West High School, is in favor of a sober school in Madison. “The temptation is there,” she said. “We have a lot of students who are experimenting and more than experimenting — using drugs and alcohol on a regular basis.”

The proposed name for the Madison school would be Horizon High School. “I think for some kids, it could make all the difference,” Marking said. “I’ve had families actually move to a rural area and take drastic steps to get between drugs and their kids.”