Rehab Helps Six Dauphin County Addicts Find Sobriety

More than 100,000 deaths in the U.S. can be attributed to alcohol abuse each year, according to Alcohol Addiction Info. Rehabilitation facilities can help alcoholics detoxify, but for people who wait too long to face their addiction, it can be too late.

Individuals who have ended their alcohol dependency can serve as powerful examples to others. This week, the Dauphin County Drug Court honored six of its graduates. The program allows addicts in trouble with the law to opt for rehabilitation as opposed to jail time, according to WHP-TV. One graduate said that the program was life changing.

“I have been dealing with my addiction for a few years now and to be able to accomplish this,” graduate Lydia Butter told the news source. “I can’t even describe it, the feeling.”

All six graduates have been sober for six months after completing 20 months of treatment. Butter, who strongly supports the program, tells addicts to never give up. Substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation programs, such as the one Butter participated in, can help individuals turn their lives around.