Rhode Island College Students Struggle With Alcohol Abuse

College students are notorious for partying. When it comes to drinking, many take it to the next level, posing a threat to their own health and the individuals around them. Nearly 31 percent of students are reported to meet the criteria for alcohol abuse, according to the College Drinking Prevention (CDP) program. Rehabilitation facilities can help alcohol abusers detoxify and turn their lives around.

This week, the University of Rhode Island (URI) medical staff and units from nearby towns treated more than 30 intoxicated students, according to the Providence Journal. Eleven of these individuals, who reported alcohol-related problems, were brought to nearby hospitals. The medical emergencies came shortly after a Kid Cudi show, hosted at the Ryan Center.

David Lavallee, a URI spokesperson, told the newspaper that there was no alcohol served at the concert. Out of the 34 students treated a total of 32 received care for alcohol-related issues, while 2 suffered minor injuries.

Last year, nearly 600,000 college students across the country suffered injuries while under the influence of alcohol, according to the CDP. Almost 6 percent of students have been diagnosed with alcohol dependency over the past 12 months. Alcohol rehabilitation centers can help young adults overcome this addiction and live healthier lives.