Prescription Pill Addicts Often Turn to Other Drugs

By Staff Writer

The prescription medication addiction problem in the U.S. is having some unexpected consequences. In many cases, experts report that when an individual has been addicted to pills for a while, they often start replacing these drugs with harder, more dangerous street narcotics like cocaine or heroin.

The problem is that pills like Oxycontin and Vicodin are expensive. Robert Masone, a pain specialist at the Ohio Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, told the Middletown Journal that three pills can cost upwards of $200 on the street. Once a person has become addicted to these drugs, they often begin seeking cheaper alternatives.

Masone told the news source that heroin is one of the most common alternatives to prescription medications. It delivers a similar high but is far less expensive. A single dose of the drug can be less than $10.

The Obama administration recently announced a major crackdown on the overprescribing of opiate medications, which many hope will help reduce rates of addiction. However, until the initiative has a chance to work, prescription pill, heroin or cocaine addicts may benefit from seeking help from rehab programs.