Prescription Pill Addiction Often Drives Users to More Powerful Drugs

By Staff Writer

When money gets tight, prescription drug addicts often turn to heroin and other more dangerous street drugs, according to a new report from Ohio Public Health authorities.

The report confirms what rehab program experts have been saying for years. Many people who develop opiate addictions get hooked after being legally prescribed the medication. However, these pills are generally more expensive, and after years of addiction, heroin becomes a more attractive option because it delivers a similar high at a fraction of the cost.

The Ohio Substance Abuse and Monitoring Network report places most of the blame for this phenomenon on over-prescribing of these medications, according to the Dayton Daily News. The problem is being driving by “pill mills”, which are clinics that provide easy access to powerful medications.

Officials warned the news source that once an addict makes the switch from prescription pills to heroin, their risk of overdosing increases.

Prescription medications are now the second most commonly abused drug, behind only marijuana, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.