Prescription Drug Abuse Grows in Popularity

By Staff Writer

People often begin taking prescription drugs out of a belief that the medication is safe. Since it was given by a doctor, the reasoning goes, it couldn’t possibly cause harm. However, experts say that this thinking is dangerous and often leads to devastating addiction and the need for drug rehab treatment.

The use of prescription medications has grown dramatically in the last few years. Law enforcement officers in New Hampshire recently told the Laconia Citizen that the vast majority of people they pulled over for erratic driving in the past tested positive for alcohol intoxication. Now they are seeing far more drivers who have used prescription pills.

One officer told the news source that most of the people on prescription medications that he deals with say that they had a false sense of security about the drugs. They never believed that a prescription from a doctor could result in such a powerful addiction.

Estimates from the National Institutes of Health indicate that up to 20 percent U.S. adults have used prescription medications for recreational purposes. Furthermore, the number of people who abuse these drugs is growing at a rapid rate.