Spring-Ford, PA School District Addresses Drug Addiction

As more teenagers turn to drugs to relieve themselves of the stress that comes with adolescence, parents and school administrators are looking for ways to control the problem. In an effort to reduce substance abuse, the Spring-Ford area school district in Pennsylvania will be holding a presentation to discuss the dangers of drugs.

West Chester High School principal Rick Dunlap plans to address addiction in families by sharing his own story at the event, according to the Phoenixville News. Dunlap’s son, Tim, died at the age of 20 due to a drug overdose. The principal hopes that by telling his tale, he can encourage more parents to look for signs of addiction in their children.

Middle school principal Patrick Nugent told the news source that Dunlap’s story has the potential to positively influence kids to steer clear of illicit substances. Nugent adds that parents are often under the assumption that their child is not the type to use drugs. However, experts say that a strong community and family background do not eliminate the possibility of an individual turning to substance abuse

Drug addiction costs the U.S. nearly $484 billion every year, according to the U.S. Depatment of Justice. Drug rehab centers can help individuals who want to detoxify and turn their lives around.