Many Prescription Drug Addicts Start As Legitimate Users

By Staff Writer

A large percentage of the people who seek addiction treatment are dependent on prescription painkillers. However, many of these people did not start out intentionally abusing these medications. Instead, they were initially prescribed the pills for legitimate medical purposes.

A pair of drug rehab program experts from Florida recently wrote in the Bradenton Herald that more Americans now take prescription medications to get high than abuse cocaine, heroin and hallucinogens combined. However, particularly heart-breaking cases are those of individuals who never set out to use drugs recreationally.

The rehab specialists recommend that surgery patients and other individuals who are experiencing pain talk to their doctors about alternative treatments that do not involve the use of powerful prescription medications. Additionally, they said that those who have become dependent on drugs should consider seeking addiction treatment.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that a desire to relieve pain is one of the most common reasons that individuals give for becoming addicted to prescription medications. The agency adds that there are many addiction treatment options for those who are dependent.