Experts Worry About Growing Rates of Prescription Drug Abuse

By Staff Writer

Marijuana addiction remains the most common form of illicit chemical dependency in the country, but experts say that a growing number of individuals are using prescription drugs, and some worry that this will soon become one of the most prevalent forms of substance abuse.

A recent report showed that more than half of all drug-related deaths in the state of Oregon were caused by prescription medication including methadone, oxycodone and hydracodone, according to the Klamanth Herald and News.

Law enforcement officials said that prescription drug abuse now ranks just below alcohol and methamphetamine in the county. This has resulted in an epidemic of pill addicts seeking care from emergency rooms and drug rehab programs, officials told the news source.

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy states that there are now more new users of prescription drugs than there are first time marijuana abusers. Stats like these combined with the firsthand accounts of local officials paint a troubling picture of the nation’s future when it comes to prescription addiction rates.