Florida Police Crack Down On Prescription Drug Addiction

Many individuals have turned to prescription drugs as a way to get high, but this may soon come to an end in Florida, as Attorney General Pam Bondi rolls out a plan to crack down on prescription pill addiction.

Recently, 88 warrants were issued and Hillsborough police took dozens of people into custody under the suspicion that they might be illegally dealing prescription medication. Bondi said that Florida is at the “epicenter” of prescription drug use across the country and that the issue needs to be a top priority.

In an effort to gain control over the situation, Bondi has proposed a number of different regulations. First, doctors who are over-prescribing medication to patients would be suspended for a minimum of six months. A felony record would be applied to people who lie on their applications to prescribe medications, and fines could be issued to doctors who do not perform physicals before issuing 72 hours worth of medication to patients.

Hillsborough police have already spent a large amount of time cracking down on fraudulent practices. Now, they plan to move on to the streets.

Approximately 73 percent of doctor’s office visits involve drug therapy, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Drug rehab centers can help people who are addicted to pills.