Detroit Becomes Focus of Prescription Drug Addiction Battle

By Staff Writer

Prescription drug addiction has touched just about every community in the U.S., but some places are known for feeding the nation’s habit. Florida has long been known as a source of pills and now Detroit is gaining a similar reputation.

Law enforcement officials recently told the Detroit Free Press that drug dealers are having a relatively easy time finding doctors in the city who are willing to write fraudulent prescriptions for powerful drugs like oxycodone. The dealers are then driving to surrounding states, including Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. Even far off states like Maine and Alabama have seen pills originating from Detroit surface.

With pills selling on the street for as much as $100 each, the officials told the news source that it is well worth the time for dealers to buy the drugs in Detroit and carry them over state lines to other locations.

More teens abuse prescription medications for the first time each month than there are new users of marijuana, according to the Office of National Drug Control Policy. The demand created by this situation plays a large role in fueling the growth in this type of criminal activity.