Communities Continue to Battle Prescription Drug Addiction

By Staff Writer

As the epidemic of prescription drug abuse continues to sweep across the nation, many drug rehab workers say that adults are not the only ones affected. Increasingly, they are treating teenagers, a new sign of the depth of the problem.

A California-based drug rehab specialist told the Fresno Bee that when she first began treating teenagers 10 years ago, almost none of them were addicted to prescription medications. However, it is now one of the most common problems that she treats, underscoring the growth in the popularity of these drugs.

The news source reports that the community has been forced to take new measures to try to curb prescription drug abuse among teens. This includes setting up drug take-back programs that allow individuals to anonymously drop off their old and unused medications. This may prevent teens from getting a hold of the drugs.

Over the past several years, prescription drug abuse has spread rapidly across all corners of the U.S. The Office of National Drug Control Policy reports that painkillers and other types of medications are the second most commonly abused drugs among teens, behind only marijuana.