Philadelphia Drug Court Motivates Addicts To Find Sobriety

Drug addiction costs the U.S. nearly $484 billion every year, according to Drug Addiction Support, a statistics website. Rehabilitation facilities can help individuals suffering from addiction, but many get into trouble with the law before they seek help.

One Philadelphia drug court is giving addicts a chance to find sobriety before sentencing them to jail time, according to The Intelligencer. Lawbreakers may have the charges against them dropped by voluntarily entering and completing the rehab program. However, prosecutors are not required to drop any charges until the individual finishes detoxifying, unlike other drug courts.

“There is a change of attitude occurring here,” county judge John Rufe told the news source. “It is the rare case that the district attorney, the public defender and the probation department are working together. They are all interested in you. They all want you to make it.”

Rufe adds that the program is on par with other exclusive rehabilitation facilities across the country, such as the Betty Ford clinic. The difference is the participants pay little for the care and receive the same necessary support to detoxify.