Parents Of Former Addict Speak Out Against Drug Abuse

Many parents are under the assumption that their kids would never abuse prescription drugs. David and Gail Katz are on a quest to prove to other families that many addicts are the most unsuspected individuals, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Katzes’ 25-year-old son, Daniel, lost control of his addiction to OxyContin and cocaine in 2007. It wasn’t until he overdosed and died that the Katzes were forced to face the reality of his addiction and drug abuse in their local community.

“We heard that he had told his girlfriend that he wanted to start again and turn his life around and that night, he overdosed,” Gail Katz told the news source.

The Katzes now work full-time as mentors to young adults who have found themselves in trouble with drugs. Their goal is to raise awareness of the resources available to individuals who have become addicted to illicit substances.

The U.S. spends more than $484 billion drug addiction every year, according to the Department of Justice. The availability of prescription medications have fueled the increase in addiction rates.